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GLOBAL PROJECT vol.1 May 21–23, 2015 CO-CREATING
 Milano ONIGIRI at Expo Milano

In 2013, WASHOKU was registered as UNESCO Intangible cultural heritage.
WASHOKU has already been a global trend overseas.

The ultimate content as well as the origin of WASHOKU is

Onigiri Society has introduced the excellence of ONIGIRI
locally and globally since its foundation.
ONIGIRI has unlimited variations by combining each element
such as rice, salt, filling and seaweed which are the blessings from sea and the earth.

And this spring, Onigiri Society has been decided to
participate in Expo Milano 2015 in Italy!
We perform at the event and exhibit at the booth in Japan Pavilion.



Let’s watch live “ONIGIRI performances” by the owner of the oldest ONIGIRI restaurant in Tokyo!
At the event in Japan Pavilion, Mr. Yosuke Miura, 3rd owner of Onigiri Asakusa “Yadoroku” which is a long-standing ONIGIRI restaurant, makes ONIGIRIs in sushi style. Don’t miss out this valuable chance to see the sophisticated performance by the professional.
Let’s co-create original『Milano ONIGIRI』together!
We explore unlimited possibilities of ONIGIRI with people in Milano together and co-create original ONIGIRI in real time. Its process and recipes are released anytime via our website, SNS and the largest recipe website in Japan. Let’s co-create your original recipe of “Milano ONIGIRI “ as your precious memory of Expo Milano!
Let’s make ONIGIRI together!
You can make ONIGIRI with your hands by learning how to make a good ONIGIRI by ONIGIRISTs from Japan at the event and booth in Japan Pavilion. Also, you can taste Japanese ingredients as your ONIGIRI filling and snack, and sake. Let’s enjoy the marriage of ONIGIRI and Japanese sake!
Let’s eat ONIGIRI in Milano!
We deliver ONIGIRIs made by ONIGIRISTs from Japan to restaurants in Milano on May 22 and 23. Let’s share your photos and movie of eating ONIGIRI with many people via Twitter and Facebook with #milanonigiri to the world, and enjoy the moment!


 Yosuke Miura
3rd owner of Onigiri Asakusa “Yadoroku”

He was born and raised at Asakusa, Tokyo, also destined to make ONIGIRI. He makes as many onigiris as possible for three days at Expo Milano!

"Fallindebu"Akira Hashimoto
Rice Sommelier / Food Blogger

ONIGIRI is the best marriage of rice and fillings. He is a gourmet blogger to explore its excellence by eating around.

 Yusuke Nakamura
Chairman of Onigiri Society

『Japanese spirit consists in ONIGIRI.』He established this society to spread Japanese slow food, ONIGIRI to the world.



Special Thanks:Non-profit corporation Motor Sports Child Support Association